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Aiming Right


Would you like to perfect your aim? Then, starting with archery practice can be one way of refining your shot at precision.

The sport of archery has been an important part of tradition in many cultures. Archery was considered an important and must have skill to prove supremacy over each other by the warring clans. Archery has deep roots for people from hunting territories as well. The equipment of archery has seen the transition in shape, size and composition.

There are four important parts of the archery equipment. One’s aim depends upon how much knowledge one has about the contribution of these 4 elements in getting that right shot.

The Bow: It is usually made of two wooden parts that are joined at the base by a string. The archer need to practice the way the string weight is managed to ensure the compressive force is balanced when the arrow leaves the bow.

The Arrow: The arrow is that single shaft with an arrowhead. The arrow is made of different materials that can vary from carbon fiber, fiberglass, and aluminum to wooden shafts. The carbon rods are found to be light, and they do not bend, but they may not be useful where the striking force of the arrow needs to be higher.

The Arrowheads: The head of the arrow shaft is a separate piece which the arrowhead. It is connected to the arrow by a socket. The arrowheads are made of steel and sometimes even wood. The shape of Arrowhead can vary, and one may come across bodkins, piles or broad head shaped arrowheads.

The Bow Strings

The bowstring brings everything together. It is here the action happens. The bowstrings come with a nocking point which indicates where the arrow be set to take an aim at the goal post.

What’s in a bow after all? A lot. There are several types of bows available and they could be divided into following four categories:

1. Recurve Bow: The bowstring, in this case, rearranges the shape of the bow ends after the action. The usually curved bow ends straighten when in action and revert to their curved shape when in the rest position.

2. Self-Bow: The bow is made of a single piece of wood. It doesn’t have two separate limbs joined in the center like other bows.

3. Flatbow: The Flatbow has its origins in Native American culture and here the bow limbs are almost rectangular in shape.

4. Composite Bow: The composite bow only refers to the material of the archery equipment, which could be a mix material like wood and metal and so on.

5. Compound Bow: A modern piece of archery equipment where the bow has mechanical like pulleys at the end of the bow limbs.

A good game of archery requires one to understand all the components of the archery equipment, their functions and then who can stop you from hitting the jackpot?

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